Sober Living In Delaware

Sober Living in Delaware

Delaware’s sober living homes operate as much-needed safety nets for sober living people in early recovery from substance abuse. Sober living homes provide a clean and safe environment for individuals that are in recovery. Sober houses enable those in recovery to cohabitate and provide each other support.

Delaware seeks to have high-quality sober homes for the residents to feel at home, and help them heal. Most sober houses in Delaware are managed by individuals or groups of people. These sober houses are safe havens for sober living residents as they are secure, clean, and comfortable.

A list of all sober houses in Delaware is available below.

Sober House Certification in Delaware

There is currently no State Certification Program for sober living houses in Delaware.

Recovery Resources in Delaware

The journey to recovery requires more than sober homes. In addition to certification information, Sober House Directory provides state-by-state information for recovery resources. For recovery resources in Delaware, please visit the Delaware Sober House Recovery Resource page for more information.