Sober Living In Kansas

Sober Living in Kansas

Sober houses have a long history in Kansas. The sober houses in Kansas have a desire that enables them to provide quality support, exchange information, and meet professional standards for service for their sober living residents and their communities. These sober houses provide options for those who desire to live solely in either male or female sober houses and those that desire homes that accommodate both genders in one sober living home (coed).

Kansas seeks to have high-quality sober homes for the residents to feel at home, and help them heal. Though every sober house has its own rules and regulations, the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are programs in most sober houses in Kansas. The presence of the sober houses enables recovering addicts to feel like they belong and that alcohol no longer rules their lives and decisions.

A list of all sober houses in Kansas is available below.

Sober House Certification in Kansas

There is currently no State Certification Program for sober living houses in Kansas.

Recovery Resources in Kansas

The journey to recovery requires more than sober homes. In addition to certification information, Sober House Directory provides state-by-state information for recovery resources. For recovery resources in Kansas, please visit the Kansas Sober House Recovery Resource page for more information.