Sober Living In Bristol ,Connecticut

Sober Living in Bristol, Connecticut

Bristol, Connecticut, has a large number of sober living homes for men and women in recovery. Gender-specific sober living homes can help both men and women in recovery from addiction. Bristol is a suburban city in Hartford County, Connecticut, about 20 miles southwest of Hartford. It is also about 120 miles southwest of Boston and about 100 miles northeast of New York City. The city had a population of 60,477, according to the 2010 census.   


Bristol is best known as the home of ESPN, which has its headquarters in the area. Lake Compounce (1846), America’s oldest continuously running amusement park, is also located in Bristol. Bristol was a clock-making city in the nineteenth century, and it now houses the American Clock & Watch Museum. Bristol is also known to silver enthusiasts as the home of the former American Silver Company and its precursor companies (1851–1935). Bristol is known as the “Mum City” because it was once a pioneer in chrysanthemums and still hosts an annual Bristol Mum Festival.   


Bristol, Connecticut Addiction Recovery    

A significant number of people in recovery need sober housing. After you leave rehab, it’s possible that you won’t be content to survive in a drug-free community. For those in recovery, sober living homes offer a healthy, clean, caring, and drug-free atmosphere. It will be easier to return to normal life if you maintain your sobriety. Residents of sober houses will begin working on their issues in a healthy, welcoming, and well-organized atmosphere. We will work with and resident and her family to establish treatment, relapse prevention, and aftercare plans that are tailored to her specific needs, life conditions, and priorities over an extended stay.   


Bristol’s recovery center residents are acknowledged and assisted by city leaders. Bristol, Connecticut, has been ravaged by the drug war, and anyone who provides sober living programs and care to those in recovery, especially sober house operators, recognizes the importance of working together to tackle drugs and alcohol and the danger they pose.   


Sober Living Community in Bristol    

Bristol’s recovery and the sober community culture, along with officials of the Departments of Connecticut, Bristol Police Department, the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and other private groups, have a long history of connecting with individuals who are battling substance addiction issues.   


Many accredited rehabilitations and other organizations help people in recovery in Bristol, and many of these organizations also offer drug recovery services throughout Connecticut.   


This page includes a list of Bristol, Connecticut sober living homes. We’ve put together a search tool to help you find licensed sober living in Bristol, Connecticut, including men’s, women’s, and coed options.   





Sober House Certification in Connecticut    

Connecticut’s sober houses are certified by the Connecticut Association of Recovery Residences or CARR. CARR adheres to NARR national-level protocols. Sober House Directory provides information on sober house certification for each state in the database.    

Sober house operators must meet a set of strict requirements to qualify for their recovery residence to be considered certified sober living. These certified sober house requirements can be found online. Sober living residents in Connecticut can expect better service from a certified recovery residence compared with a sober house that is not certified. All state-level recovery residence certification organizations follow the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, or NARR, standards for sober living certification. These national non-profit organizations have a mission to promote quality sober living recovery residences in Connecticut as well as across the United States.    

Sober House Directory provides information on sober house certification for each state in our sober living database. Please visit the Connecticut Sober House Certification page for more information about sober house certification in Connecticut. While each state is different, sober living certification follows similar requirements, and residents can expect an equivalent level of service in certified sober living environments across the country.     


Recovery Resources for Sober House Residents in Bristol, Connecticut.   


More than sober living and treatment services are required on the road to recovery. The Sober House Directory offers state-by-state information on recovery services in addition to accreditation statistics. More details can be found on the Connecticut Sober House Recovery Services page.   

We are compiling the most thorough list of available sober life support organizations, including treatment centers, detox facilities, medical and clinical services, and other recovery agencies that help men and women to cope with the abuse of drugs and alcohol.   




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