Sober House Highlight: Vanderburgh House

Sober House Highlight: Vanderburgh House

Sober House Highlight: Vanderburgh House

Sober House Highlight: Vanderburgh House

Vanderburgh House is a founding member of the Sober House Directory. Today, we highlight their work and explore what makes Vanderburgh House so special and so important to the recovery community.

Focus on Recovery

To begin, Vanderburgh House is focused on recovery. So many sober living homes lose focus along the way and residents suffer as a result. Recovery is at the core of the Vanderburgh House mission and vision, and their sober living is a testament to their virtue and values and the hard work required to maintain high-quality sober living homes. Their recovery residences are lead by the spirit of the 12 Steps and their sober house structure is focused on meeting residents where they are in order to support and encourage the community.

Community Support

Vanderburgh House goes above and beyond in supporting their residents. While most sober living homes simply offer housing, Vanderburgh House offers sober coaching to all residents at no additional cost. More than that, they offer transitional services to residents looking to find an apartment after their residency at a Vanderburgh House sober house.

House Rules

Sober house rules are incredibly important in creating and sustaining a strong recovery environment. Their rules are focused on strengthening the community in the recovery residences, including curfews, random drug screens, and not allowing televisions in bedrooms. Read more in their article on house rules in sober houses.

Vanderburgh Communities

in early 2020, Vanderburgh House founded Vanderburgh Communities, an organization dedicated to building stronger sober living across the country, partnering with prospective sober house operators to open new homes and support them as they grow!

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