Four Strategies to Stay Connected

Four Strategies to Stay Connected

Four Strategies to Stay Connected

1. Join a Sober Living Community

Join a sober living community! Find a sober house, recovery home, or participate more fully in your AA or NA groups. Being connected with fellow men and women in recovery is essential to staying the course.

2. Do a Daily Routine

Even if you’re mandated to stay at home, your recovery will be supported by activity and engagement to the extent you’re able to stick to something familiar and expected. Wake up at the same time, set up a dedicated area for work or school if you’re doing it at home. Set a schedule and try to use routine to keep calm and collected.

3. Eat an Exercise

Eating well and exercise are two of the most important habits to keep up with while you’re adjusting to changes in our lives.

4. Help Someone in Need

Consider offering help to a friend or neighbor (even virtually) on something outside yourself and your life. Lend a hand, coach someone, or find a way to participate in someone else’s recovery.

Sober housing as affected everyone, including sober houses. To read more on the impact COVID has had on our sober living homes, take a look here.

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