Wilmington Recovery

Wilmington Recovery

3975 Market St, Wilmington, NC, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed


Wilmington Recovery is a coed sober living community in Wilmington, NC.

The primary objective in a newly sober individual should be reordering their life with a clear set of expectations. We are your support group and want you to rely on us to help you stay on track of your recovery. Being involved in the lives of our other members and participating in our traditions and events will provide that missing link.

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The Mission

Wilmington Recovery strives to provide the safest, home-like recovery residences in our city, where members will learn and practice effective methods for overcoming their addictions.

​​​​​The Vision

At Wilmington Recovery, we endeavor to help the world community to eradicate addiction as a whole. This is a lofty goal, but the Wilmington Recovery community strives to do our part through teaching healthy life skills, mentoring, supporting members through their cognitive and medicinal therapies and fostering personal accountability. With time and dedication, this goal will gradually become a reality.

We understand that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that is best treated comprehensively. Our comprehensive approach includes group counseling, implementation of AA’s 12 steps of recovery, and utilization of the latest technology in drug monitoring via in-house screening and laboratory analysis. We believe our services will give each member the opportunity to make a positive impact in the community by being an example that others look to for inspiration and guidance.

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Phone: (910) 409-7564

Website: https://wilmingtonrecovery.com

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Wilmington Recovery