Wellness Sober House

Wellness Sober House

48 Hamilton St, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Rents Start at: $140 per week

Facilities: Private Rooms

Sober House Description:

The mission of The Wellness Sober House is to serve the Worcester, Massachusetts recovery community by providing a very safe and structured, recovery-oriented, supportive M.A.S.H. certified sober living environment. Based on the practices of wellness and mindfulness, and other recovery support practices for mature adult men in recovery from substance use disorders or other behavioral health disorders, and by encouraging and supporting its residents to work toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Additional Information:

Sober House Information

Our sober home is a family-style alternative to living alone, or living in an unsafe environment, while struggling with substance use disorders or behavioral health disorders. Residents experience independent group living encouraged by their brothers in recovery also living in the house. Our home environment, under the supervision of our live-in House Manager, combined with required recovery meetings, outpatient treatment, eating dinner together, and brotherly support gives residents an opportunity to live independently, but also together as a family in recovery in the sober house.

Encouraging Wellness in Worcester, Massachusetts

Wellness, in part, is the practice of trying to be in good physical, mental, and spiritual health. Because all dimensions of health are linked, problems in one area can impact the other.  It is important to make healthy, mindful choices for all the dimensions of your health. Remember that wellness is not the absence of illness or stress. You can still strive for wellness even if you are experiencing these challenges in your life.

Sober Living Requirements

If you meet the following criteria, follow the House Rules, and are willing to fully commit your recovery, you are welcome to live in the Wellness Sober House:
1. The potential sober living resident must be male and 25 years of age or older, speak English, and about to successfully complete a residential substance use disorder treatment program (“residential rehab”); or provide evidence of ongoing sobriety. The individual must be medically cleared by their referring program or provide evidence of medical stability, be able to climb stairs, perform ADLs, and perform light chores. A photo identification is required.

2. The potential sober house resident has completed a pre-residence interview and deemed appropriate for residency. Admission rental fees, which cover the the first and last week’s rent, must be paid in full upon admission. There is an initial $100 fee to cover drug testing, bedding, and recovery literature costs.

3. The potential recovery home resident must agree, in writing, to abide by The Wellness House, LLC, rules and regulations, and sign all required forms, releases, and waivers.

4. Potential sober living residents must agree to actively participate in scheduled meetings on a daily basis as posted in the Daily Activity Schedule and be willing to continuously work on their recovery.

5. The potential sober house resident must be willing to sign a drug screen release for routine and random drug screens and be willing to have personal items searched if contraband is suspected on the premises.

6. The potential sober house resident must be in outpatient counseling, as well as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) if deemed necessary. The potential resident must also be medication adherent if prescribed medications. The potential resident must be willing to sign a release regarding their outpatient counseling.

7. The potential sober living resident must not be classified as a sexual, violent, gang-related, or arson-related offender. The potential resident must be willing to sign a release for a criminal background check.

8. The potential recovery home resident must be legitimately employed, upon acceptance, or within two weeks of residency; or be attending school on a full-time basis; or appropriately volunteering in the community on a full-time basis. All employment/activities must be during daytime hours unless otherwise authorized. All residents must return by 6 PM every evening except Saturday, for dinner together. After 30 days, overnight passes will be reviewed case by case, for Friday or Saturday night only, after meetings. Visiting days are Saturday & Sunday from 2 – 4 PM, and Fridays 8 – 9 PM.

9. Potential residents of the Wellness Sober House must be able to legitimately pay their weekly rental fees on time, or must leave The Wellness House, LLC. The weekly rental fee is $180/week for single occupancy; $160 double occupancy; $140 triple occupancy; payable in full, by cash or check, every Friday.

10. Potential sober living residents agree that The Wellness House, LLC, and its premises are a drug/alcohol, and smoke-free environment and at times are audio/visually recorded in common areas for safety.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (508) 281-0222

Website: https://www.thewellnesshousellc.org/

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