True Light Inc.

True Light Inc.

517 Levittown Center, Levittown, PA 19055, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women


True Light’s safe havens are  Christian sober homes for women recovering from addiction, abuse, or sexual exploitation.  All sober living residents and more are expected to live and work together as a family in a manner that brings honor and dignity and helps provide an atmosphere of love and compassion.

Each sober living new resident is given a packet to read and sign when they are accepted into our program.  Residents MUST abide by all of the rules of the program.
In addition to the packet, all sober house residents will be given and required to finish, self-esteem treatment, anger management, and the 12 step curriculum.  Some may also receive goal setting and the Job Readiness Training curriculum to the required courses.  They will receive certificates upon completion of these curriculums.

Additional Information:

We have double/triple rooms and sober house residents are required to share a room.  Each resident is responsible for keeping her room clean and doing her own laundry along with the list of chores each woman receives.
In order to have the  sober living houses function properly , we have a long list of rules.  Below are some of the more important policies that residents need to be aware of.
 1. The use or possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons or physical violence , threats of physical violence in the sober is strictly forbidden and may result in immediate discharge.  All sober living rooms can be searched at any time and random drug/alcohol testing will be given.
 2. Curfew is 9pm Sunday through Thursday and 11pm Friday and Saturday.
 3. Residents in the sober houses must attend and actively participate in all of the following:
      – Sunday morning church service.
      – Monday-Thursday meetings as scheduled.
     – Friday evening Conquering Addictions meeting .
     – Personal counseling as scheduled.
     – Social activities as they occur
     – Preparing dinner (each will have assigned nights)
     – Daily and weekly chores to keep the house clean at all times.
 4. All residents are expected to do what they are asked to do by the staff without complaining or a critical attitude.
True Light provides sober living residents with food, utilities, clothing, a bed and bedding, toiletries and more upon arrival.  The basic necessities are provided for each resident for up to 90 days while she focuses on healing and recovery.  After 90 days  each sober house resident must be working to pay rent and help with the expenses of the house.

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Phone: (484) 469-8783


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