Trinity by Traditions Sober House Delray Beach Florida

Trinity by Traditions Sober House Delray Beach Florida

Trinity By Traditions Llc, Southwest 2nd Street, Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About Trinity by Traditions Sober house in  Delray Beach, Florida.

Our belief is that to live in sustainable recovery, a resident must shape that exists in its entirety, from the fundamentals to the minute details, while under the guidance and direction of our staff and the tent-pole elements of our program – these include:

Regular Drug and Alcohol Testing for all substances of abuse. When required samples are sent to a lab for both qualitative and quantitative testing.

All medications that our Clients are prescribed are kept in a dedicated area and all activity around medication are monitored to make sure no abused occurs and or that client are taking their necessary their medication for mental health.

Early in our clients’ stay we help regulate and monitor spending according to a laid-out weekly budget. We try to help our residents have a good understanding of how to live within their means and learn to budget while setting goals.

Our community requires a minimum of 5 recovery meetings per week, whether it’s 12 steps or a number of alternative recovery fellowships. Along with that we also urge our sober house residents to make services commitments and be engaged in the entire process of recovery

Every Friday night a house meeting takes place, letting everyone know positive and concern observe during the week as well as any house issues.

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Others Who took The First Step

My time at Trinity house lasted two and half years. In that time there were many ups and downs, failures and success. All of which taught me valuable life-changing lessons that I will carry with me forever. To say it was life-changing is an understatement.
From my first day at Trinity house, it felt like I had gained a second family. The men in my home came alongside me and provided me with friendship, accountability, and most importantly love. The structure of the homes was integral in my early sobriety. Jason provided mentorship and a safe and secure home for me to help begin putting my life back together.
The strong structure included working a solid program of recovery, motivation to get back to work and become a decent member of society again however I think what sets Trinity apart from SO many others is the emphasis on spirituality and building a meaningful life-lasting relationship with God.
The Spiritual emphasis of the Trinity houses paved the way to help me find a personal relationship with God which would later become the key to my life change. I know that so much of my life today is due to the strong foundation Trinity by Traditions helped me to build and for that I am forever grateful!

– Brian M. Sober since 1/26/2013

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Phone: (954) 245-8604


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Trinity by Traditions Sober House Delray Beach Florida