The Women's Lifehouse

The Women's Lifehouse

5th Avenue, Huntington, WV, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Women


The Women’s Lifehouse is a women’s sober living house in Huntington, WV.

The FIRST installment of The Life House’s sober living choices for women is The Lifehouse – 5th Avenue. The home opened in April 2013. It serves 14 women during their sobriety journey and coincides with the program guidelines and structure of The Lifehouse – 4th Street. The Lifehouse – 5th Avenue includes a living room, family room, dining room, back deck, meeting area/office, and a clothing donation area. As the Women’s Lifehouse program expanded, 2 more houses have been added on West 5th Avenue and Jefferson Avenue.  Collectively, these houses comprise our Women’s Program which continues to pull from the umbrella Lifehouse program in meeting 30 – 35 women in their recovery from addiction, and ushering them to where they were always meant to be.

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We are a structured long term faith based accountability recovery program, minimum 8 months long with full time staff. We have minimum weekly and bi weekly observed lab drug screens. We require all residents to work the the 12 steps and actively work with a sponsor. We’ve been in operation for over 8 years and seen many men and women change their lives. We require all residents to not only work through our program and learn how to live clean and sober, we require every recovery resident to be full time employed productive members of society by day 70. We bridge the gap of how to be clean and sober and the actual application of it, therefore when every resident leaves they know how to live in the world while staying clean and sober.

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The Women's Lifehouse