The WISE Place

The WISE Place

Metter, GA 30439, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women

Rents Start at: $190 per week


The WISE Place is a long-term women’s residential facility and therapeutic community. The residence is located in the Historical District of Metter, Georgia,

Our residents work together and with our staff of Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Addiction Counselors to make meaningful, positive life changes to help free them from the bondage of addiction.

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A residential community where addictive behaviors are addressed with counseling and support to bring about positive changes. The program is in a long-term residential facility where residents attend daily outside Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous Meetings, Traditional and Psycho-education Groups, and Community Meetings.

WISE believes that a positive leisure lifestyle promotes healthy living by reducing stress and promoting a balanced approach to living without the use of chemicals. We include group outings and recreational opportunities for the residents to promote positive leisure behavior without the use of chemicals.

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Phone: (912) 601-7280


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The WISE Place