The Reserve Sober Housing

The Reserve Sober Housing

2156 Byrum Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Rents Start at: $800 per Month

Facilities: Air Conditioning, Free WiFi, Parking, Premium Cable, Storage, Laundry, Computer Station, Private Rooms


The Reserve sober house offers all private bedrooms, in large luxury homes with king and queen beds, TVs in every bed room with the best and most meaningful sober living services of any NARR-Level II residential zoned sober living homes. We have 6 High End, Luxury 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom homes in the best Nashville neighborhoods and areas and offer private sober living bed rooms for $800, $1,000, $1,400 and $1,500 as we focus on people over profits. Our sober living home services include weekly Mindfulness and Recovery Groups, Yoga, Step studies, music therapy by local famous musicians, speaker meetings with catered dinner every Saturday and 3 Day Ascension Meditation Workshops taught by real Ascension teachers from all over the US monthly. We provide a unique and highly successful recovery home alternative to the cram 10 or 12 people into old, run down poorly furnished houses filed with people that don’t necessarily want to be there or are there for the court, their parents or reasons other than sobriety. Our sober homes are drama free, peaceful, serene, stable living environments and we typical have 4 or 5 residents with over a year and our average resident has 6 months clean time creating a stable sober environment.

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Phone: (850) 687-9823


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The Reserve Sober Housing