The Lake House Sober Living West Palm Beach Florida

The Lake House Sober Living West Palm Beach Florida

118 Canoe Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33415, United States

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

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About The Lake House Sober Living in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Lake House is a recovery residence located in West Palm Beach Florida and is known for offering a very unique living experience. The owner/operator of The Lake House Sober Living provides “sober living” by utilizing environmentally friendly housing in an old warehouse building that is presently being torn down to make way for a luxury condominium project.

The Sober Living offers an eclectic mix of amenities geared towards a “no-nonsense” living experience. They offer “no kids allowed” in the building along with a very strict no pets policy. The Lake House offers four different residential neighborhoods which are: South Lake, Bywater, Harbor, and Central Park.


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The transition from your daily life at work into your nightlife at home can be made very easy with The Lake House Sober Living. You will find yourselves greeted each morning with a warm cup of herbal tea in your cozy coffee chair or on the floor beside you as you enjoy your favorite book. The staff strives to provide each resident with a cozy and comfortable environment that is conducive to creating a sanctuary away from home. Each resident has their own unique area of the house designated as their “reading spot” where they can comfortably read a book, take a relaxing bubble bath, take their dog for a walk or just relax. If you need to stretch out, you just pull out your comfortable recliner and stretch out in one of the many lounges located throughout the house.

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Phone: (470) 295-4450

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The Lake House Sober Living West Palm Beach Florida