The Kimberly Center Fort Myers Florida

The Kimberly Center Fort Myers Florida

6290 Corporate Court, Fort Myers, Florida 33919, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women

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About The Kimberly Center Fort Myers, Florida.

Welcome to The Kimberly Sober House Center. We hope you choose to begin your new life with us in our sober house. One of our primary purposes at The Kimberly Sober House Center is to assist individuals suffering from substance abuse and related issues.

The Kimberly Sober House Center utilizes an evidence-based program. Its’ fundamental goal is to restore the individual to a healthier, happier, and more productive life, free from substance dependence and abuse, and destructive behaviors.

The goal is based on the belief that successful recovery encompasses improvements in self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, positive family interaction, vocational productivity, the establishment and attainment of realistic life goals, and healthy lifestyle adjustments. In addition, we hope to see a consequent reduction in associated health problems, behavioral problems, and other psychological pathology in the sober house.

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More About The Sober House

The Recovery Residence Program at The Kimberly Center is our sober living program. Sober living programs offer a home to those who have participated in and are participating in addiction treatment, providing a safe and substance-free place to stay during recovery. Since drugs and alcohol are common in our society, it can be burdensome to begin your recovery from addiction without the protection of a dedicated substance-free zone. When you choose to live in a sober facility like our Recovery Residence, your home will always be a place that feels comfortable and safe. Most sober living households also organize outings and activities so that you can form friendships and find new hobbies that you will carry with you into your new sober life.


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Phone: (855) 452-3683


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The Kimberly Center Fort Myers Florida