The Holman House

The Holman House

21 Holman Street, Attleboro, MA, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men


The Holman House is a men’s sober house in Attleboro, MA.  They serve men on their journey to recovery in a safe and structured environment. The Holman House is a men’s sober living community where a group of individuals are dedicated to helping others and themselves maintain long-term sobriety.

Additional Information:

Sober living homes are group residences for people who are recovering from addiction. In most instances, people who live in recovery homes have to follow certain house rules and contribute to the home by doing chores. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home.

What the Holman House is looking for in a sober house resident:

-Must have at least 60-90 days sober and a willingness to continue with sobriety.

-Must have a job/means to pay rent on a weekly basis.

-Will be subject to weekly drug testing.

-Will be offered an in-house relapse prevention program meeting.

-Must continue AA/NA weekly meetings.

-Must be willing to help others maintain sobriety in a safe and stable sober living environment.


Operator Information:

Phone: (508) 328-1047


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The Holman House