The Edna House

The Edna House

2007 West 65th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Women


Alcoholism and addiction can create circumstances that rob a woman of her dignity and self-respect.  We feel that the dignity of the sober living individual and the group as a whole are of paramount importance. At Edna, sober house residents get to lay their heads down at night in peace knowing that their desire to stay sober is honored and nothing more than their willingness to participate is required to have a home here.

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We provide residents a safe, focused environment, in which women eat, sleep, and breathe their own recovery. We impart personal responsibility through residents’ ownership of the house and commitment to a structured daily life. And most importantly, we provide access to the recovery community that is the essential link towards making real, lasting change in a woman’s life.

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Phone: (216) 281-7751


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The Edna House