The Caldwell House

The Caldwell House

951 Kenham Pl, Lenoir, NC, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men


The Caldwell House is a men’s sober living house in Lenoir, NC.

Our principles are based on the 12-steps of recovery. We require our residents to attend 12-Step meetings on a regular basis. We also provide support by:

  • Helping residents find employment
  • Providing transportation to and from work, doctor visits, aftercare or counseling, probation/parole appointments
  • Providing one cooked meal per day and having food available for residents to fix other meals
  • Providing a safe and structured environment to enable residents to focus on recovery

Additional Information:

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for alcoholics and addicts as they recover and re-enter society.

The Caldwell House provides structure, responsibility, and accountability which are key to a person’s recovery. The sober living house accepts only those persons who have completed at least 4 weeks of in-patient substance abuse treatment. The residents are adult males only. Residents accepted to the Caldwell House are able to benefit from its therapeutic program as they learn how to re-enter society in a safe and healthy environment.

Intake procedures include reviewing assessments (which helps identify maladapted behavior or the presence of other conditions, which may cause susceptibility to abuse by self or others) and going over treatment and aftercare plans to determine if the resident meets program admission criteria. Individuals who do not meet certain admission criteria may not be accepted to the House.

An average stay at Caldwell House is between 8 and 12 months. The House requires at least a 4 month commitment from residents and active involvement in the implementation of aftercare plans and employment.

We are located in Lenoir, North Carolina nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once known as “The Furniture Capital of the World,” these days Lenoir provides many manufacturing, retail, technical, and restaurant opportunities for employment.

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Phone: (828) 754-5148


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The Caldwell House