The Arches Recovery Residences

The Arches Recovery Residences

8343 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30350, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men


We are a sober living housing facility located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta close to Roswell and Alpharetta.

Providing a safe and supportive community to give men the best opportunity to recovery and transition into productive members of society is our mission.  The structure and accountability we provide is simple but powerful in holding the individual to a set of standards that are proven to produce solid results for the individual and for The Arches community as a whole.

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Our program is designed to laser focus the client’s attention on those vital elements necessary to bring about healthy changes that allow the person to become happily and usefully whole.  A big part of the program is the community itself.  Learning how to be a part of a community of men who are helping each other recover from addiction, and process through the many issues facing men in today’s world, is a powerful piece of long term recovery and a life of sober living.

Another area we spend a great deal of time in support and guidance with our clients is helping them develop the life skills and boundary skills necessary to lead productive lives.

The bond of being with a community of men who are all going through the same situations together is life changing.

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Phone: (440) 991-3575


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The Arches Recovery Residences