Summit Recovery Asheville

Summit Recovery Asheville

208 Westover Dr, Asheville, NC, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men


Summit Recovery Asheville is a men’s sober living community in Asheville, NC.

We are a comprehensive sober living program that provides accountability and structure for individuals early in sobriety. As a highly structured sober living house, Summit Recovery has a sober staff member living in each property year-round. We promote a proactive approach engaging each client into the core of the recovery community through a productive routine, healthy activities, and a focus on group unity. In other words, our clients are expected to become active members of the community and to form bonds with the other members of the house.

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The Recovery House Structure

We believe in teaching independent living to each individual in our sober living program. Summit Recovery holds weekly in house meetings, where we talk to each member about what their goals are, and how they are striving towards achieving them. Everyone who lives at Summit Recovery should either be working, looking for work, and/or going to school. We also ask each member to attend AA or NA meetings regularly, get a sponsor, and work the 12 steps. Members are also expected to contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of their halfway house. All of this is in place to help each member grow as an individual in their personal recovery journey.

A Sober Life Style

We believe that there is much more to getting sober than just quitting alcohol and drug use. In addition to encouraging all of our members to become active in their recovery outside of the halfway house, we also encourage them to become active in their lives and get into a schedule that is beneficial to each individual. Encouraging our members to make these changes sets us apart from other sober living programs.

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Phone: (704) 682-3987


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Summit Recovery Asheville