SPA Women’s Ministry Homes

SPA Women’s Ministry Homes

3404 Toledo Road, Elkhart, IN 46516, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women

Sober House Description:

All around us there are women who are living defeated lives because of painful life experiences such as childhood molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence, and a sense of hopelessness. Broken, these women seek an escape by turning to drugs, alcohol, self-harm, and destructive relationships. Does this sound familiar to you?

SPA House received its ‘Special Use’ permit in 2003 which allows us to house up to sixteen residents. We have chosen to keep this number under twelve to provide the women coming into the program the best treatment possible.

Additional Information:


Our program began as a three month term. However, we noticed that the ladies who chose to stay longer had higher success rates, and we lengthened our program to four months, six months, and presently we are at a yearlong program. Until 2010, I was living in the home with the ladies and was on call 24/7. As the ministry grew, there was a need for help.

The volunteer staff was built from our graduates who believed God called them to give back and those who stayed connected because of the changes experienced by their family member through the program.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (574) 522-8338


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SPA Women’s Ministry Homes