Something In Between Recovery LLC Delray Beach Florida

Something In Between Recovery LLC Delray Beach Florida

247 Southeast 3rd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

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About Something In Between LLC, for men in Delray Beach, Florida.

Something In Between Sober House insists that every client be employed within two weeks of residence or be engaged in meaningful and structured volunteer work or attending school full-time. We will assist recovery house clients in finding employment and/or refer them to those reputable charitable organizations. We at SIB believe that every recovering person has a responsibility to themselves and to the community not to become or remain a burden to society.

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We believe that every person in recovery needs to give back what they have gotten, and our view is that no person shall sit in a bedroom and be sedentary. Every client of SIB must comply with this philosophy or find another place to reside. We hope that your experience in the SIB program will be the cornerstone for you for building a foundation in recovery. We at SIB not only talk the talk but more importantly, we walk the walk. Our goal is to provide a clean, healthy, spiritual environment for men willing to do what it takes to change their lives and remain alcohol and drug-free. Let us be a small part of your success

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Phone: (561) 654-6151


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Something In Between Recovery LLC Delray Beach Florida