Sober Minds Recovery Residence Jupiter Florida

Sober Minds Recovery Residence Jupiter Florida

299 Palm Avenue, Jupiter, FL 33477, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

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About Sober Minds Recovery Residence in Jupiter, Florida.

Sober Minds Recovery provides a highly structured sober living residence for young men new to sobriety. When in grips of addiction nothing makes sense, we lose sight of what matters. Without a sense of purpose, we feel no self-worth and we spiral further down into the hopelessness that is addiction.

We want to give this purpose back by means of healthy life choices and 12-step programs. We accept and support each recovery house resident’s needs and cares and will cater to them as if they were family. While under our care no resident will feel left out.

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Our Goal

While being a young man is already difficult, add in the difficulty of overcoming a crippling addiction can feel impossible. Long-term sobriety is reliant on living a whole and complete life. We at Sober Minds want to create an environment where young men are encouraged to have fun on a daily basis. Getting sober is a deathly serious task for many but while most programs are completely serious all the time, we want the individual to learn how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. No long-term sobriety will ever be obtained without learning how to enjoy life. We focus primarily on enjoying life and making the best out of less than desirable situations. While clients will be expected to obtain and hold a steady job we will teach them how to get the most out of each and every day.


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Phone: (302) 540-7475


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Sober Minds Recovery Residence Jupiter Florida