Sober Living America - Columbia

Sober Living America - Columbia

Columbia, SC, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed


Sober Living America in Columbia, South Carolina provides drug and alcohol addiction support to people near Richland County. We are committed to help you live a life of sobriety, as well as gain the skills and education necessary to continue to be successful.

We want you to know there is hope, and we provide non-judgmental support to aid in your recovery. If you or a loved one living near Columbia want to begin a new life free from drugs and alcohol, contact us and we will get you in a healthy and supportive environment.

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While they seem similar, drug rehab and sober living are really quite different. Alcohol & drug rehab in Columbia, SC, typically involves a stay in an inpatient facility, where you undergo treatments and therapies that help you recover from the effects of substance abuse. A sober living home serves as a bridge between drug rehab and the “real world.”

After leaving drug rehab, many people struggle to make the adjustment back to their daily lives. In some cases, they struggle because they don’t have the coping skills they need to lead drug-free lives. If you are like many people, you learned a few new coping skills while in drug rehab, but have not had a chance to practice them in real life. Trying to make all of the changes at once, coupled with the stress of finding a place to live and rejoining the workforce, can make it even tougher to cope. Sober living offers an in-between recovery option that allows you to reinforce the lessons you learned in drug rehab.

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Sober Living America - Columbia