Simply Living- Joelton, Tennessee

Simply Living- Joelton, Tennessee

2124 Valley View Rd, Joelton, TN 37080, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:


Simply Living provides a clean and safe environment for those making the transition from rehabilitation to sober day to day living. Simply Living promotes a healthy group home environment which follows The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.


To encourage and inspire lasting empowerment over drug and alcohol addiction.

Additional Information:

Simply Living Resident House Rules 

I will not use or possess any mood-altering substances: alcohol, stimulants, benzodiazepines, narcotics or any other drug of potential abuse.
I commit to not engage in threatening, aggressive, verbal or physical abuse.
Endangering self or others will be dealt with by community and staff. It will be at the house manager’s discretion to determine if there is an imminent threat to other residents. Safety and security for all residents is a priority.
I agree to maintain my room and do daily assigned chores. I understand all residents will be required to carry out their chore duties. Chores are posted on the dry erase board in the kitchen and all residents will be accountable for their designated chore(s). In case of violation, verbal warning will be given on the first offense and second offense. A community meeting with staff will be called if it continues. Further offenses will be handled by your peers and the house manager.
Drug/Alcohol Screens:
I understand all residents are subject to random drug and alcohol screens.
If there is a question, I can go get a Confirmation test at my expense.
If positive, a change will occur with the assistance of the house manager.
I understand all prescription medication must either be kept in the residents locked car or in the personal lock box provided.
I am willing to respect curfew: 10:00pm Sunday-Thursday and 11:00pm Friday-Saturday. All residents must get permission from the house manager for any variations. Failure to do so will result in a verbal warning and future violations will be dealt with at the house manager’s and community discretion.
Overnight Passes:
I understand overnight passes are allowed but must be cleared by the house manager. Extended passes for holiday’s and/or family visits must also be approved by the house manager.
Property Damage:
I will respect the property and will accept responsibility and report if I do something that damages it. I understand I am responsible personally and financially.
Room Inspections:
I understand all residents are responsible for keeping their room clean and presentable. All rooms are susceptible to random inspections. After an initial verbal warning, failure to maintain a clean and tidy room will result in a verbal warning. Continued failure to respect yourself and your roommate enough to maintain a clean room will be dealt with by your peers and the house manager.
I commit to no smoking in the house. This is cut and dry so don’t do it! Changes will be suggested if it does.
I commit not to vape in the house. Again, don’t do it!
I will not bring weapons into the house. I understand this is a violation that can bring change.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (615) 815-0054


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Simply Living- Joelton, Tennessee