Safety Net Recovery NC

Safety Net Recovery NC

Charlotte, NC, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men


Safety Net Recovery NC is a collection of men’s sober living homes and recovery residences in Charlotte, NC.

We are a community of people who look out for each other. Our Sober Living Program in Charlotte, North Carolina is a sober living facility staffed by a multi-professional team who gives their all to keep everyone on track and full of spirit. Having a comfortable environment is essential during this transitional period, so our community has everything you need to stay happy, healthy and whole.

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Safe Haven

An effective sober living residence offers a safe, structured and supportiveĀ  recovery environment where residents in Charlotte can continue their journey to long-term recovery. Offering high-quality ongoing therapy, limited independence and a substance-free home provides reassurance to recovery residents that they are valued and worth the effort that it takes to stay sober. Additionally, living among peers who are struggling with similar issues often creates an atmosphere of loving accountability, support and understanding.

Drug-Free Environment

Maintaining a temptation-free recovery residence is a critical element of successful transitional living, as is ensuring that sober living residents are continuing with their therapeutic medications. To ensure a drug-free and safe residence, sober living homes must have a drug-testing policy in place and a licensed professional available to monitor the intake of therapeutic medication. The Safety Net recovery residences in Charlotte, North Carolina focus on safeguarding the sobriety and well-being of their residents is the most important responsibility of a recovery residence.

Dignity and Independence

The ideal sober living home helps residents in recovery feel independent, but not as if they are on their own during this very difficult time in their lives. Offering increasing independence to residents who are making positive choices encourages them to continue doing so and helps them build the confidence needed to eventually live life with complete independence.

Sober Living Requirements

  • 6 Month Commitment for Admission
  • Level System Compliance
  • Attend All Applicable Groups and Meetings
  • Follow all Treatment and Aftercare Requirements
  • Random Drug Screens
  • Engage in one of the following: job, school, or service work

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Safety Net Recovery NC