Rogers Home - Pawtucket

Rogers Home - Pawtucket

105 Beechwood Ave, Pawtucket, RI, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men


Rogers Home for Sober Living is a men’s sober house in Pawtucket, RI.

Our Philosophy

Respect, Opportunity, Gratitude, Equality, Responsibility, Sobriety

Rogers Home exists to offer an opportunity for individuals to make a change and start living a new, better, sober life.

‍To us, community is key. We encourage our residents to become productive members of our community and are always looking to create a positive change for our surroundings.

‍We really believe that the best way to help our residents is through removing temptations by creating a sober living environment that prioritizes group therapy and constant self-reflection

Additional Information:

Our Houses

Rogers Home currently operates one house in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Our Pawtucket house is home to fourteen men and that means we are looking to expand. We have purchased another sober living house in Wakefield and are looking forward to renovating it.

Live Sober

We know that living alone makes dealing with addiction a constant struggle. Rogers Home offers a group living facility that helps you make better choices every day.

Better Together

Our main philosophy is community helps to build character. We encourage our residents to participate in weekly group therapy meetings and dinners.

New Starts

We believe that everyone should be given a second chance. Rogers Home works with the local community and a network of contacts to help residents get a job.

Non-Profit Promise

Rogers Home is an official 501(c)3 non-profit entity. We operate at cost and offer the best possible care for our residents without the huge price tags of other facilities.

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Phone: (401) 996-4379


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Rogers Home - Pawtucket