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Rise Up Recovery

3405 Bristol Pike, Bensalem, PA 19020, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Women


At Rise Up Recovery, sober living residency is earned by dedication to change, responsibility, and respect. The sober house residents are required to stay drug and alcohol-free.

The 12 step philosophy is a way of life and must be learned through active membership in the 12-step fellowship. During the first month residents must attend a twelve-step meeting daily for 90 days. All residents must obtain a sponsor within 2 weeks of admission.

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Residents are required to attend our weekly house meeting where we will discuss successes, failures, and how to learn and grow from those experiences as well as each other. These meetings will be a powerful tool in showing and feeling love, support, and empowerment for all residents.

Vocational Guidance & Life Skills:

Residents who are not working will be given 3 weeks from the date of admission to obtain employment. We encourage residents to find healthy, gainful employment in order to contribute to their recovery. Residents are assigned house jobs during house meetings each week to encourage life skills as well as a feeling of contribution within the home.

Family Reintegration:

We encourage you to spend time rebuilding healthy relationships with family. Children are permitted for visits on weekends.

24/7 Staff Guidance and Supervision:

We are very understanding of the recovery process and the challenges our residences will face. Our house manager and owner are always available to provide understanding, guidance, and support.


Cell Phones and Laptops are allowed at Rise up recovery.

Operator Information:

Phone: (215) 791-4070

Website: https://www.riseuprecoveryllc.com/

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