Rally Point Sandstone Care - Denver, Colorado

Rally Point Sandstone Care - Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About Rally Point Sober Living for men in Denver, Colorado

At Rally Point sober living, freedom and structure co-exist. We provide a healthy environment that continues the accountability established during a treatment program, but at a less intrusive level. The gender specific housing creates a brotherhood of men, which helps our clients further develop the tools they need to achieve their long-term sobriety goals.

The mission of Rally Point Supportive Living is to give men a safe place to fall back to. A place where the camaraderie among staff and peers creates an environment of empathy and removes judgment. As a man in long-term recovery, I recognize now that had it not been for the men that guided me along this path, I would not be sober today. I had to get vulnerable, and I had to feel it was safe to do so. I created Rally Point to offer a place for men seeking solace from the stigma that society places on them and addiction. A place to get well, by being of service and being accountable.

12-step meetings and other therapeutic activities are encouraged, as they teach newly sober individuals how to take care of themselves and monitor their recovery on a daily basis. Rally Point residents are able to attend outpatient treatment, school, work, and external meetings. We also provide feedback, regarding client status and well being, to referring programs and families.

To encourage a sober atmosphere, Rally Point has reasonable curfews that we believe builds confidence, self-worth, and the motivation necessary to participate in conventional living and mainstream society. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with useful skills that facilitate their transition back into the real world.

Additional Information:


In respect of our residents’ privacy, we do not publish the addresses of Rally Point on our website. However, we are happy to provide it, just give us a call.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (714) 473-4377

Website: https://www.rallypointsoberliving.com/

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Rally Point Sandstone Care - Denver, Colorado