Rachel House- Lighthouse Ministries

Rachel House- Lighthouse Ministries

190 Spruce St, Lexington, KY 40507, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Women

Rents Start at: $115 per week


Vision Statement:

We exist to help as many women as possible find freedom from addiction, renew hope and rebuild their lives.

The contract will be re-assessed on a monthly (or as needed) basis through a monthly Progress Report, where you document the progress of your goals to date. Our maximum length of stay is 3-6 months.

Rachel House staff are here to support you in the completion of your stated goals and responsibilities during your residency. This includes: daily chores, attending appointments, weekly house meetings, Celebrate Recovery and church, doing job searches/working, volunteering, going to meetings or securing future housing etc.

Additional Information:


Rachel House exist to offer women a place to find freedom, renewed hope, and rebuild their lives. We believe that true freedom from addiction comes through faith in Jesus Christ. We strive to help people become:

•Spiritually Alive.

•Mentally Sound

•Emotionally Balanced

•Socially Adjusted

•Physically Well

Operator Information:

Phone: (859) 259-3434

Website: https://lighthouselex.org/rachel-house/

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Rachel House- Lighthouse Ministries