Phoenix Rising Sober Living

Phoenix Rising Sober Living

161 Millbury St, Worcester, MA 01610, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

Important Update Regarding Phoenix Rising Sober Living

Our hearts go out to the strong residents of the Phoenix Rising Sober Living home. in early November, 2020, the Phoenix House suffered a building fire, displacing all of their fifteen residents.

For more information, read the Telegram article here.


Previous information:

Phoenix Rising sober house in Worcester is a transitional re-entry house for residents who are seeking to be free from drug and alcohol addiction. PRSH has a structured sober living program and should be chosen only by those individuals who wants to change their life by committing to a sober new way of life. When you enter PRSH, your main focus is to alleviate yourself from the turmoil and devastation caused by addiction and/or incarceration. PRSH offers the opportunity to be restored to leading a law abiding productive life that benefits self, community, and society at-large.

Additional Information:

Residents of PRSH are offered the following to assist in reaching their goals of recovery and independence:

•    Social Service: This component offers assistance and referrals for medical care. Its main area of focus is on substance abuse and anti-social personality disorders, prevalent among men transitioning from prison. Individual and family counseling are also available for those in need. It is reinforced with case management and required NA/AA meeting attendance.

•    Case Management: The Case Management Component design has an evidence-based approach. This research is used to guide and shape the resident’s individual case plans. The strategies use, target concerns that may impede the resident’s ability to lead a stable life in the community.

•    Housing: The Housing Component’s ultimate intent is to secure housing that meets the resident’s needs, in an atmosphere where they can achieve stability. It is fundamentally guided by their housing assessment and is developed and routinely visited until appropriate housing is obtained.

•    Employment: The Employment Component offers assistance with job readiness, job search, placement, retention and referrals. The framework of this component’s design is based on what employers want, look for, and base their hiring decision on, when hiring an applicant with a criminal record.

•    Financial: The Financial Component’s main objective is to teach the resident how to become financially responsible. PRSH will work with the resident on budgeting,opening and managing a bank account, and electronic banking. This component is re-enforced with case management, through the development of a financial goal setting plan.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (413) 320-1964

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Phoenix Rising Sober Living