Natural State Recovery Services for Women- Little Rock, Arkansas

Natural State Recovery Services for Women- Little Rock, Arkansas

Natural State Recovery Centers, Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Women

Sober House Description:


Treating the Whole You

To provide individuals in the early stages of recovery a structured, disciplined, and loving environment while attending outpatient treatment. Combining medical and recovery services to build a solid foundation for a complete transformation. Focusing on four aspects of a person’s spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being in order to create a life worth living.

Our treatment services are catered toward coming up with long-term solutions to our clients’ problems. With the love and support of your family, and loved ones, we make sure to treat your addiction by understanding the root reasons behind it. We do everything in our power to help you succeed in breaking the cycle of addiction, and know that with the right kind of help, everyone is capable of healing.


If unhealthy behaviors have become addictions, and life has become unmanageable, it’s natural to feel hopelessness and despair. It’s also time to make a fundamental decision: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to enjoy a peaceful, healthy, happy, and productive life?” If you, or a loved one are willing to do what it takes to get better, our team is ready to help. Natural State Recovery Centers (NSRC), based in Little Rock, Arkansas, offers an effective three-pronged program combining outpatient substance abuse treatment for men and women, enhanced residential living for men and women, and life skills training. An important part of our rehabilitation program is that we provide these and other necessary tools for our clients’ lasting recovery.

The Natural State Recovery Centers team are more than simply professionals. In fact, most of our team members can personally relate to our patients by virtue of having gone through the ongoing process of recovery, themselves. We know what works and we know what doesn’t work. This experience has helped shape our program into one that begins simply with hope, then evolves into a transformative, life-changing experience for the client.

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Phone: (501) 319-7074


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Natural State Recovery Services for Women- Little Rock, Arkansas