Mariposa Recovery Services

Mariposa Recovery Services

1412 Jefferson Dr, Atlanta, GA 30350, United States

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed


Mariposa Recovery is a halfway house in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  We are a sober living family dedicated to helping those who want a better life.

The focus of Mariposa Recovery Services is to not only focused on attaining sobriety through the 12 steps of recovery, but also through attaining life enrichment skills. Clients are expected to work through their steps with a sponsor, attend daily meetings, all self- help groups, and become self-sufficient and employed.

Our role is to help each person gain self-esteem and learn the skills necessary to obtain and maintain longterm sobriety. We are not a ‘halfway house’, we are a ‘family’ that helps each other trudge the road to sobriety and serenity.

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Recovery based on the 12 Steps of AA

The 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are, in our opinion, the only proven method of establishing long-term sobriety for people who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism. By aligning Mariposa’s program with the 12 Steps, we not only access the therapeutic value of the Steps but also establish a support system for the clients that will continue long after they leave Mariposa.

Why Mariposa Recovery Services?

Mariposa Recovery Services offers a recovery residence that ensures structure, safety, and accountability. We are a place of healing, hope, and success that will allow you to live life without drugs or alcohol. We operate on the principles found in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We offer a sober living environment that focuses on unity, service, and recovery.

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Phone: (678) 395-3747


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Mariposa Recovery Services