LLC’s Stepping Stones Recovery West Palm Beach Florida

LLC’s Stepping Stones Recovery West Palm Beach Florida

612 Dogwood Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, United States

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed

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About LLC’s  Stepping Stones Recovery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

LLC’s Stepping Stones offers sober living programs in Palm Beach County, Florida to empower recovery residence individuals with the tools they need to successfully enter into a long-term recovery program. We offer flexible transitional and recovery programs to our residents in a supportive environment where they learn, grow, and are encouraged.

We work with sober living individuals at all phases of the recovery process, whether someone is just beginning to take their first step in recovery to those who have been venturing down the recovery path for years and need a supportive environment to continue that journey forward.

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Residents of Stepping Stones are given an inviting, supportive, yet structured sober living environment and have full access to a variety of programs, therapy and activities to help achieve long-term recovery and independence. Our staff is truly committed to each of our residents and wants to impart our own experience, knowledge, and empowerment to our residents to help them be successful in their recovery process.

We believe therapy alone is not enough for someone recovering from addiction. We have an alternative approach as we believe life skills, support, and a safe environment, in addition to therapy, will help someone to gain the independence they are seeking.

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Phone: (561) 703-2001


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LLC’s Stepping Stones Recovery West Palm Beach Florida