Living Sober Recovery Male Delray Beach Florida

Living Sober Recovery Male Delray Beach Florida

250 Southeast 10th Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, United States

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

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About Living Sober Recovery-Male in Delray Beach, Florida.

Living Sober Recovery, is the signature, non-clinical recovery program of parent company Sober Living in Delray, LLC, which has been in operation for over 26 years.  A spiritually-based, 12-Step immersion program, clients at Living Sober Recovery delves deep into the core of recovery.  Seven days a week, clients are exposed to spiritual teachings as they relate to 12-step recovery.  With our own Living Sober Workbook, developed through decades of experience, each client receives detailed instructions on how to work each of the 12 steps.


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Each client also receives instruction in daily prayer & meditation as well as essential life skills training that will be needed to achieve a productive & permanent sober life.  Clients also participate in individualized, one-on-one support as well as both group & family sessions. They also attend hand-picked, 12-step meetings on a daily basis.  


“I recommend this to anyone I know.”

Nick L.

“Such a good man! The Spiritual life is not a theory, he lives it!!”

Christopher H.

“They are so wonderful and amazing at what they do. They truly care and help you in your troubled times. I’m blessed to have met them. They helped me help myself improve my faith.”

Shell S.

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Phone: (561) 279-1037


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Living Sober Recovery Male Delray Beach Florida