Justin’s Lighthouse Residential Recovery

Justin’s Lighthouse Residential Recovery

2020 N Council Rd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127, United States

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed

Sober House Description:

About Justin’s Lighthouse Residential Recovery Living

Addiction, especially to Opioids, is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive recovery process; Lasting success happens when a person transforms everything about themselves, which simply can’t happen in a short-term environment.

Most Addicts fail because they fake or “comply” their way through short-term treatment. They never truly develop the skills to deal with life without drugs and, quickly return to old behaviors

Faith-based, residential program for alcoholics & addicts who have failed many times before

We specialize in the transformation of the hardest cases. Many of our clients come to us with many rehab failures and an overwhelming fear that they will “never get this”. I promise you that if you come to Justin’s Lighthouse I will make absolutely sure you “get this”, and more!

“This isn’t the place where people go to get sober for the next time,  this is where they come to get sober for their last time”

Additional Information:

About Justin’s Lighthouse  sober living home.

OUR GOAL is to move our residents through a process of complete change. The primary problems are NOT using drugs and alcohol, those are simply the symptoms of much deeper issues. In order to achieve lasting change the person must first want to make different, and then be willing to follow the instructions of those who can affect that change… Then, be willing to stay in that process of change until true transformation takes place!

Today, Justin’s Lighthouse sober living home teaches clients how to handle life in new ways through group counseling, spiritual development, individual counseling, daily structure, room to make mistakes, exercise, understanding anger, and healing old traumas. We include family members at appropriate times throughout the process to help educate and strengthen the entire family dynamic (not just the life of the addict).

We help recovering addicts develop to their full potential, from the inside-out. Getting sober is the easy part and just the beginning. We teach clients how to become productive contributors to life,  how to become comfortable in their own skin, and how to handle difficult situations without self-destructing.

Justin’s Lighthouse  sober living home uses a “whatever it takes” attitude to affect change in every single resident!

Families know very well the frustrations and heart-break that go along with watching a loved-one make attempt after attempt to get sober… The encouragement of seeing early success and then discouragement from watching the repeating cycle of back-sliding.

We want to believe them when they say; “I’ve got it handled this time!”, “I’m going to be okay!”, “I’m done with that life-style!”…. But, then it happens all over again!

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (405) 248-2124

Website: https://justinslighthouse.com/

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Justin’s Lighthouse Residential Recovery