Just 4 Today Sober Living

Just 4 Today Sober Living

17 W Pennsylvania Ave, Stewartstown, PA 17363, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Coed


Our sober house living number of members per home is small, 3 to 8 usually because we strive to offer the small personal interactive sobriety home concept with structure and support to attain permanence in sobriety.  We are not a MILL, passing members through just for the money or to offer temporary shelter for a few days is not our objective. We strongly believe in Step 12 of sober living, that of passing the message of hope and of a way out of active addiction while applying principles in all our affairs.

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Phone: (717) 495-2674

Website: https://www.just4todaysoberliving.com/

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Just 4 Today Sober Living