Joy of Living

Joy of Living

4716 Leiper Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

The mission of Joy of Living is to help sober house residents affected by chemical dependency, mental illness, and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life. Through sobriety and self-empowerment people become productive and accountable sober living members of society and seek to achieve their full potential as human beings. We believe that chemical dependency is a complex bio-psychosocial problem requiring varied and often multiple interventions for recovery.

Additional Information:

Sober living homes are group residences for people who are recovering from addiction. In most instances, people who live in sober homes have to follow certain house rules and contribute to the home by doing chores. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: ( 21) 5613-7121


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Joy of Living