Journey House 57 Spring Hill Ave

Journey House 57 Spring Hill Ave

57 Springhill Avenue, Bridgewater, MA, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

Rents Start at: $150 per week

Sober House Description:

Journey House 57 Spring Hill Avenue is a men’s sober home in Bridgewater, MA. Journey House is an alcohol and drug free living environment for individuals attempting to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs. The sober living house serves as an important resource for individuals completing residential treatment, attending outpatient programs, leaving incarceration or seeking alternatives to formal treatment.

“Recovery, Strength, and Growth”

Additional Information:

Journey House embraces the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous philosophy of recovery and requires residents to be active members in those programs. This sober living space, or sober home, is a culture of sobriety in a community of peers battling addiction. Journey House provides social support for sobriety along with experiential learning, where residents learn strategies to succeed in recovery. They facilitate community networking with programs, counseling, and resources.

Each Journey House has a House Manager, who is someone who has demonstrated responsibility, integrity, and is in good standing with the community. Managers govern the house on a daily basis.

The goal of Journey House is to help people in every stage of their sobriety journey towards obtaining all the elements necessary for a major life transformation.  The adherence to the house rules represents the foundation of responsible living within a community of support.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (508) 697-7319


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Journey House 57 Spring Hill Ave