Joshua Sober House Tucson Arizona

Joshua Sober House Tucson Arizona

3028 North Geronimo Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85705, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

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About Joshua Sober House in Tucson, Arizona.

While Joshua House is one of many transitional living facilities in Tucson, our sober living program is unique, as it offers its sober house residents a safe place to live without crowding, on-site self-help meetings, with a Christian environment promoting inner spiritual growth and faith which we believe is the center of a successful recovery. Letting Go and Letting God, as they commit themselves to aim towards a new life is the basis on which we operate daily.

Our sober house residents are taught to forgive themselves, leave the past behind, and move forward to find peace and serenity in who they are, today, as they work their program from their hearts.


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As a Christian based program, we strive to incorporate Christian ethics in our program. Our goal is to help the client re-evaluate past negative ways of thinking and learn a new way of thinking that emulates the behaviors of Jesus Christ. We don’t run or try to forget our past, but rather find ways to parlay our past, both the negative and the positive, into a  successful productive way of living.

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Phone: (520) 512-8448


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Joshua Sober House Tucson Arizona