Honest Beginnings House

Honest Beginnings House

689 Federal Street, Belchertown, MA, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men


The Honest Beginnings house is a men’s sober house in Belchertown, MA.┬áHonest Beginnings, Inc. is a sober living environment for those age 18 and up who are in recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictive behavior. They not only aim to treat the addiction but to allow the resident to see themselves and their life in a new way by sharing different experiences with them.

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Honest Beginnings’ mission is to extend recovery beyond the experience into living a fulfilling life. It stands on the pillars of love, trust and accountability and the belief that the heart, respect, and hope will create the structure necessary to live in today’s world. Honest Beginnings was founded by individuals who have been through the program, invested in it, and have been consistent in both the growth of the organization and their members.

Members of the Honest Beginnings program find an opportunity to clean up the past wreckage with loved ones and to share their experience with others inside the program and beyond. They are encouraged to pay forward what was given freely to them and to live by the mantra that community is a creation of communication and unity.

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Phone: (413) 324-8285

Website: http://honestbeginnings.org

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Honest Beginnings House