Hilltop House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Oxford House

Hilltop House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Oxford House

108 Hilltop Court, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men


Hilltop House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is an Oxford House sober house for men.

Oxford House is a national nonprofit for peer-supported sober living. Oxford House’s sober houses are democratic and operate without an outside operator of the recovery home

Additional Information:

Oxford House in New Jersey

Oxford House is a publicly supported, non-profit network connecting all Oxford House recovery homes or sober houses. Oxford House sober living is a concept in recovery for a democratically run, self-supporting, and drug-free home. Homes range from six to fifteen; there is sober living for men, sober houses for women, and some recovery homes for women with children. Read more about Oxford House and the Sober House Directory.

In New Jersey, Oxford House offers sober living typically with very reasonable cost and promoting resident recovery through a peer-supported model run by the men and women in the sober house. Established in 1975 and continuing to this day, Oxford House boasts over 2,000 homes and growing across the globe.

The Sober House Business

Oxford House offers a platform for peer-lead recovery homes. If you are interested in opening a sober house as a business venture, get in touch with Vanderburgh Communities for more information.

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Phone: (856) 751-3837

Website: https://oxfordhouse.org/directory_listing.php

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Hilltop House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Oxford House