Hadlock Recovery Men's Sober Living House- Portland, Maine

Hadlock Recovery Men's Sober Living House- Portland, Maine

240 Park Ave, Portland, ME, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About Hadlock Recovery Men’s Sober Living House- Portland, Maine

Hadlock Recovery structured sober living House is a sober residency program that provides accountability and structure for men in early sobriety. We have but one goal – to provide a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive for its members to recover from alcoholism and addiction.

Hadlock Recovery Safe Structured Sober living House

Sober living houses also called sober homes and sober living environments, are facilities that provide safe housing and supportive, structured living conditions for people exiting drug rehabilitation programs. Sober houses serve as a transitional environment between such programs and mainstream society.

Hadlock Recovery House is a men’s sober living addiction recovery house in Portland, ME.

Additional Information:

About Hadlock Recovery Sober Living Home

We believe that support, community and responsibility are critical components to the success of your recovery, and work hard to ensure that all of our members contribute to and foster this type of environment.

We believe wholeheartedly in the practice of the Twelve Steps as the best course of action in overcoming our afflictions. Through our personal and extensive experience residing in, managing, directing and owning sober living environments – we can say with absolute conviction that men whom complete the Twelve Steps, and continue to practice the values acquired therein, have an exponentially greater chance of experiencing the greatest of spiritual transformations. We ask the same thing from all of our members; trust the process.

We believe in a proactive approach engaging each resident to understand individual goals, to encourage active participation, and to develop routine and healthy activities. Our director and manager lead this approach and are deeply involved in helping you on this journey.

Sober living homes are group residences for people who are recovering from addiction. In most instances, people who live in sober homes have to follow certain house rules and contribute to the home by doing chores. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (781) 454-7177

Website: http://www.hadlockrecoveryhouse.com

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Hadlock Recovery Men's Sober Living House- Portland, Maine