Fresh Start Housing & Outreach House- Shelton, WA

Fresh Start Housing & Outreach House- Shelton, WA

1602 King Street, Shelton, WA, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men

Sober House Description:

About Fresh Start Sober Living Housing & Outreach House- Shelton, WA

Our goal is to provide clean and sober shared housing, while you work on your daily living skills. Please read through and understand the following house rules to ensure your stay is a successful and productive experience.

Our Mission

The  mission at the heart of Fresh Start Housing is to provide a clean, safe and and alcohol/drug-free environment for those who need or desire it. To help our tenants achieve their goals we provide weekly counseling, encouragement and resource knowledge in an effort to prepare them for the next positive phase of their life. We strive to offer our brand of housing and service throughout Washington State, one county at a time.

Our History

Tim and John became aware of the community need for clean and sober shared housing after attending a Kiwanis seminar on the subject. In addition, Tim had spent almost a year homeless in his youth and understood how difficult making progress in your life could be without the basic provisions of shelter and warmth. The first residence was purchased in fall of 2012.


Additional Information:

Our Fresh Start Housing & Outreach House- Shelton, WA

To Our Residents

We pledge to provide a clean, comfortable dwelling with tools to aid in their recovery and growth. We diligently connect our residents with third-party resources that provide alternate housing, active employment, legal aid and counseling as well as food & clothing.

Our housing is completely furnished with the following items provided in addition to furniture:

  • Clean linens and bedding
  • High speed internet *
  • Basic local phone *
  • Netflix *
  • Additional items on a case by case basis
  • *subject to restrictions and disciplinary actions*

The only items the tenant is expected to furnish are their own clothing, toiletries and food. 

Our tenants range from:

  • Early prison releases from federal, state and county facilities
  • Mental health outpatients
  • Treatment program releases
  • Low level sex offenders
  • Homeless applicants
  • Anyone who could benefit from our housing

Growth Achievement

The tenant’s progress regarding their individual sobriety and successes and setbacks towards life goals are monitored. Monitoring is conducted through both weekly group meetings as well as daily one-on-one interactions. These meetings are conducted by John and Tim as well as the resident and regional managers that reside at each property.

In addition to goal achievement, spontaneous room checks are conducted for adherence to house rules regarding cleanliness and drug and alcohol usage. Urine analysis is conducted on an as-need basis when drug or alcohol usage is suspected.

All growth or setbacks made by the tenant are reported back to the corresponding field officer, relative, payee or other counselor in charge of the tenant’s well being.

Life skill coaching and resource suggestions are provided to each tenant while residing at our homes with the goal of bettering their individual circumstances.

All residents must s upply a copy of their conditions of supervision. Management reserves th e right to this infonnation to assist the DOC in monitoring your conditions. Failure to abide by the plan put forth by your case manager in a timely and respectful manner is grounds for eviction.

Drug Testing And Drug/Alcohol Use

Drug or Alcohol usage, including marijuana, is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule can result in eviction. Additionally, no drug paraphernalia of any kind is allowed on the property. No resident shall be intoxicated or under the in Oucncc of drugs or alcohol on the property at any time. Residents are required to sign a ROI for Management to obtain your UA results from your CCO, outpatient treatment center, etc. Should a resident fail to provide a clean UA to their CCO or to House Management, the resident may be asked to leave and their CCO will be notified. Management reserves the right to request a UA at any time with or without cause. If a resident believes another resident is under the influence of any substance a Management must be contacted immediately. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the house safe. Failure to notify staff of another resident’ s use of substances can result in immediate discharge.


Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (425) 780-3976


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Fresh Start Housing & Outreach House- Shelton, WA