Flagstaff Foundation House for Men

Flagstaff Foundation House for Men

2410 East Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Men


About Foundation House Sober Living

Where there is willingness; there is a way. New lives free from alcohol are beginning here at the Foundation House sober living home. When you admit to yourself that you need help, and you are willing to accept help-then you can be helped!

A chance to build a strong foundation for living sober in Flagstaff, Arizona

We alcoholics find the help and support we need from each other in sober living. Although we may come from different neighborhoods, we have all walked down the same road; a road only familiar to an alcoholic. Only an alcoholic can relate to how we drink and what can happen when we drink. This mutual experience and understanding shared by sober house residents is the basis for the fellowship that we develop with each other. One alcoholic talking to another is key to building a foundation for a sober life. The Foundation House provides a safe sober living environment for men for this fellowship and understanding to begin.

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Many men who have lived at the Foundation House sober house in Flagstaff, Arizona in the past remain involved with the sober living activities, and make themselves available to help current residents and to share their experience; their experience of learning to let go of a life of trouble and misery in their sober living home; their experience of embracing a rewarding life with freedom from alcohol.

No alcoholic has a life-long guarantee that he will never drink again. But for many, staying involved with their fellow alcoholics in a sober living environment, keeps them sober each day – one day at a time. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into years.

Only an alcoholic can relate to the feeling of gratitude when the obsession to drink is removed.

Sober House Rules

These are the requirements we use to ensure order at the sober house. You are required to read each regulation, to ask for clarification of the meaning if it is unclear, and to sign, swearing to the fact that you have read and do understand these regulations. Some are more important than others. We have found it very important to be as detailed as possible in the explanation of what is required from each person living at the sober living house.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS in the recovery home
Total abstinence is required while living at the sober house. Alcohol, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia in any form will not be allowed in your possession or on the property at any time. Violations of any of these prohibitions will result in immediate dismissal from the Foundation House.

Your bed and sleeping area in the sober house are yours to keep clean and neat. You will be expected to have your bed made when you are not in it. You will be assigned a storage/closet area. All clothes must be hung up or put away, and the bedroom area kept tidy.

Books are made available to you and others in need in the recovery home. All books sold will be sold at cost and monies collected need to go to the house manager. Please do not abuse this responsibility so that we may keep book storage open to all and continue to provide AA literature.

You may not borrow money, cigarettes or any other consumable items from another member of the recovery house. You may borrow non-consumable objects which can be used and returned immediately with approval by the object’s owner.

CHORES in the sober living home
You will be assigned chores. From time to time you will be assigned additional work that needs to be completed. It is mandatory that you do your tasks and assignments. Learn to do your chores with a cheerful heart. See the calendar and work detail sheets in House Book.

Any disruption of the peace and harmony of the sober house or house members is considered a violation of these rules.

Clothing must be worn at all times while staying in the sober home. Dress must be clean, modest and appropriate. Shirts with sleeves (short or long) must be worn at all times. No advertisements, logos, or characterizations for alcohol, drugs, or similar lifestyles will be permitted on clothing, posters, pictures, or any possessions in the house or on the house grounds at any time.

At any time, you are subject to give a urine sample for a substance test or to take an alcohol breath test. These tests may be required at your own personal expense. Refusal to take a demanded test, or undue delay in taking a demanded test is grounds for immediate dismissal from the sober house.

Energy costs money! Please turn off all electrical appliances, lights, and so on when not in use by a sober house member.

Fighting, and/or physical, mental, sexual or other abuses of persons living in the house are strictly forbidden. Violation of any of these prohibitions will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the sober living house.

There will be no gambling or wagering allowed at any time.

No overnight guests will be permitted in this sober house. All visitors must be cleared at least one day in advance by the House Manager. All guests attending house functions must leave the house no later than 9:00PM. Family Day is every Sunday from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

You are expected to shower daily and to maintain a neat appearance at all times. It is your personal responsibility to maintain an adequate supply of personal hygiene products and towel for your own use at your expense and to keep these supplies in your storage closet after use.

Your personal belongings are subject to search at any time by the House Manager of the sober living home. No other persons are allowed to inspect the personal belongings of house members.

Insubordination will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the recovery residence.

House members are assigned kitchen duties on a rotational basis. See kitchen chore lists for instruction. You may not use kitchen space to store personal food or any cold storage. Personal snack items must be kept in your assigned closets. A snack & soda machine are made available.

The mail will be collected by the House Manager only and distributed to each house member.

Dinner meals are provided. Meal fees are due at the beginning of the month with the bed fee.

All members of the house must attend a formal or informal AA meeting every day. See ‘house required meetings’ in House Book. When attending a meeting, you must be on time and only leave the meeting during breaks and upon conclusion. Do not be disruptive during the meeting. When asked to share in an AA meeting, identify yourself as an alcoholic only. When attending other 12 step groups identify yourself appropriately for that particular group.

Phone will be answered professionally and courteously. At all times answer the phone identify “Foundation House”. If you check the message box, take a written message for whom the message was being left.

No pornography (Playboy, etc.) will be allowed in or on the house grounds.

Your language is to be free from the use of swear words, cursing and crude expressions. We recognize the alcoholic is a very sick person and will need help.

Attendance is mandatory for all meetings, round ups, and appointments assigned by the House Manager. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Responsibility and reliability are habits that lead to a sound mind and body.

After 9:00PM you are not allowed to disturb the peace and quiet of other house members. Please be as quiet as possible so other people will not be disturbed. No darts or pool allowed after 10:00PM.

No radios can be used after 9:00PM. This does not include personal radios, tape players and CD players equipped with personal headphones.

Anyone who leaves the house membership, either by self termination or staff termination, will not be considered for re-entry for 30 days after the date of such termination, unless otherwise agreed to by the House Manager.

Sleep in your bed!

All members must have a sponsor and work the 12 steps of AA. You will have 2 weeks to pick a sponsor or the manager will pick one for you.

Stealing will not be tolerated. Borrowing without asking is stealing under the meaning of these house rules. Stealing is grounds for immediate termination from the house.

No television is allowed Monday through Saturday.

Parking is always a concern. Please follow the rules the House Manager set down with you. See parking map. No cars are to be parked in the AZNORTH or Farmer’s Market parking lot between 6:00AM and 7:00PM.

No weapons of any type are allowed in the house or on the house grounds at any time! Violation of this rule will be ground for immediate dismissal from the house.

You will be required to work, do community service, or attend school while living at the house. You must work at least six hours per day. You will not work, do community service, or attend school between the hours of 6:00PM and 6:30AM.

No refunds of any kind will be given of rent, deposits, or any other funds collected by the Foundation House.

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