Emilie House

Emilie House

7027 Penndel, PA 19047, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Coed


Our commitment is exemplified in our mission:
“To provide safe, supportive, and affordable sober housing to individuals affected by chemical dependency disorders in order that they may achieve a better quality of life.”

Their sober house’s primary focus on this goal allows them to supervise, support, and assist residents daily. The Emilie House owners pride themselves on their ability to be genuinely involved in the recovery of their clients and connect them with resources and sources of continuing treatment. Residents in the sober house are required to follow strict requirements while living in there, including following all rules and regulations, adhering to an orientation period, attending 12 Step meetings, completing chores, and following a regulated routine. These requirements are designed to help sober house residents break negative patterns and enter back into a more positive and productive lifestyle.

Operator Information:

Phone: (215) 702-0308

Website: https://emiliehouse.net/

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Emilie House