El Rancho De La Vida Recovery Residence in Fairfield, Maine

El Rancho De La Vida Recovery Residence in Fairfield, Maine

62 Page Terrace, Hinckley, ME 04944, United States

Certification: Certified

Gender: Coed

Sober House Description:

About El Rancho De La Vida Recovery Residence

El Rancho De La Vida is a recovery residence located in Hinckley, Maine.

El Rancho De La Vida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals recover their lives through whole-person treatment. We are a nonprofit organization because we strongly believe that we should not profit from people’s suffering, and accordingly, we believe in helping every person in need regardless of their ability to pay.

Our mission.

We provide safe spaces for those standing up to addiction by providing tools, avenues to recovery, and by supporting and inspiring the human spirit.

Recover with Dignity

Our vision.

El Rancho De La Vida imagines a world where anyone struggling with addiction can have hope, a pathway to recovery, and realization of their vast human potential.

Radical hope

We believe that all people can gain hope in overcoming their addiction, no matter what stage, no matter what station in life. Radical hope means that anyone can reclaim their life.

Intrinsic dignity

We believe that all human beings have intrinsic dignity, and we strive to help people to re-discover their inherent worth and realize their vast human potential.

Universal imperfection

We believe that everyone is imperfect to some degree and we envision an end to the stigma which has served as a barrier to recovery.


Additional Information:

Our Staff

Executive Director & Residence Manager

Jamie’s vision to offer a peaceful one-stop for people needing assistance with substance use has brought the ranch from a dream to reality. Jamie is the full-time Residence Ranager at The Andersson Ranch.

Director of Advancement

Katherine’s generous support has enabled The Ranch to become a reality. As Director of Advancement, she helps to ensure the near and long-term position and stability of the organization. She also helps design and furnish our facilities.

Interim Medical Director

Gust has been a family practice physician in Skowhegan for decades. He is the Medical Director for Redington-Fairview General Hospital. A member of ASAM, he has been treating individuals for substance use for many years.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (207) 387-0101

Website: https://elranchodelavida.org/aboutus

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El Rancho De La Vida Recovery Residence in Fairfield, Maine