Clean & Sober Living N.West Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona

Clean & Sober Living N.West Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona

North/Northwest Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men

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About Clean & Sober Living N.West Phoenix in Phoenix Arizona.

The Northwest Phoenix Sober House is located in a family neighborhood in west Phoenix. The sober house features a large private yard with a full-size pool, patio set, and barbecue area.  The many amenities in the area make the home ideal for recovery from addiction.

Northwest Phoenix Sober House Offers Pool

The Clean and Sober living-Northwest Phoenix residents make a minimum 90-day commitment to live in our fully furnished and equipped homes.  Usually, sober living residents continue to reside at their CSL Home well beyond the initial commitment.  We believe our brand of transitional sober housing provides sober living residents with a strong model for maintaining sobriety now and in the future.




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The area is ideal for employment opportunities. Just north is MetroCenter Mall. The MetroCenter area is heavily populated with retail, commercial, and lodging.

Because of its central location, a large number of corporate centers are located in the area. If interested in going back to school, and education can be an anchor when recovering from addiction, Glendale Community College is 4 miles west of Northern House.

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Phone: (602) 435-6212


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Clean & Sober Living N.West Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona