Charleston Sober Living

Charleston Sober Living

Charleston, SC, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed


Charleston Sober Living is a coed sober living house in Charleston, SC.

Charleston Sober Living provides you with a supportive, substance-free environment of like-minded community and care. You receive support from your peers as well as sober coaches, and if you need or require further assistance we can provide referrals for any clinical support or treatment you might need, including psychologists and other medical professionals.

Additional Information:

Charleston Sober Living is appropriate for a wide range of individuals dealing with addictions of all forms. From alcohol, to narcotics, sex addition and everything in-between, a sober living facility has one unified goal in mind: helping you maintain sobriety and make an effective transition back to your life.

Recovery residents include people who have recently completed detox, those who have completed a residential rehabilitation program and those who are involved in or have recently completed an outpatient program. Sober living provides a respite from the stresses of living independently. Rather than thrusting you back into your old life while you are vulnerable, you’re able to take your time and transition back to independent living when you’re ready.

There is no set pace, and sobriety is treated like a marathon, not a sprint. You can stay for as short or long of a time is needed or necessary.

The costs for your residency in a sober living home such as ours is significantly less than stays in a residential treatment program. You are expected to pay rent each month, but you typically do not need to pay a deposit like you would for an apartment. We offer flexible programs and can occasionally work with you to accommodate given your financial situation.

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Phone: (843) 427-0077


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Charleston Sober Living