Beach House Recovery

Beach House Recovery

Beach House Recovery, 1587 Seaside Rd SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC, USA

Certification: Certified

Gender: Men


Beach House Recovery is a men’s sober living community in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Our onsite Phase 1 program is a blend of traditional 12-step action, biblical study and spiritual discipline in a supervised group setting. It’s a safe alternative for the transition between inpatient treatment and a traditional recovery home. We attend meetings, worship and study together to build a healthy foundation for early sobriety. Our curriculum is centered on what we believe is missing from conventional recovery methods, a strong emphasis on practical application. In the spirit of cooperation, we do not engage in the common practice of shunning 12 step fellowships on religious or moral grounds. In fact, our experienced pastors endorse the twelve steps as the best means of applying biblical principles to the illness of addiction.

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Individuals who successfully complete phase one or another structured program are eligible to transition into certified level 2 community housing. This is a chance to learn integrity and personal responsibility through volunteer work and employment in the surrounding community. Vehicles and weekend visitation are permitted following approval from senior staff after 90 days of residency.  Access to our church, community center, group counseling and regular transportation to and from recovery functions is included. These sober living residents are held to a high standard of conduct and requirements include extensive 12 step attendance, self support, active sponsorship and an aggressive drug testing policy. Motivated individuals who show initiative are encouraged to enter phase 3 for the remainder of their commitment. Successful completion of all three stages will take approximately 12 months.

Our extended phase 3 program is designed to accommodate those prepared for more independence in recovery. This is the beginning of authentic, real world recovery and the point at which most other programs come to an abrupt end. Phase 3 status is earned through consistent performance and active participation. Phase 3 residents enjoy later curfews, more freedom and additional flexibility for meetings and overnight passes. An abundance of phase 3 mentors are the antidote to the traditional treatment experience where new prospects are surrounded and influenced by other new arrivals with the same negative thoughts and habits. As of June 2020 our program contains three residents over two years into sobriety and 5 others beyond a year. Our certified homes are inspected by NCARR (NC Association of Recovery Residences) and maintain the strict quality standards of membership. Every property is fully insured by a nationally recognized sober living policy.

Our philosophy is unique but simple: the ministry should be funded primarily by those residents who work for a fair wage, pay reasonable rent and responsibly budget their earnings to rebuild their lives. The rental structure, in return, funds the charity without the need for public solicitation. In a sense, every resident is a stakeholder in the community and an investor in his own recovery, ultimately accountable to a society of his peers. It is a basic recovery principle that we act as a fully self-supporting entity, composed of self-supporting members that carry their own weight. This is precisely what sets us apart.

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Beach House Recovery