Awaken 514 Recovery Sober Home- West Monroe, Louisiana

Awaken 514 Recovery Sober Home- West Monroe, Louisiana

3201 North 7th Street, West Monroe, LA 71291, USA

Certification: Not Certified

Gender: Coed

Sober House Description:

About Awaken 514 Recovery Home Sober Living

Awaken 514 is a Celebrate Sober home and community. We are a sober home for you to develop coping skills that will help you master the social and professional demands of society. We are a sober home and community for you to live and function in a drug and alcohol-free environment and you need to care for the house and yourself accordingly. You are responsible for your own actions. Accountability is a common value shared by all who reside here. Willingness and cooperation are the basic requirements shared by all members of the house.


Awaken 514 sober living home is a zero-tolerance residence. That means if you make a decision to use alcohol or illegal drugs/ substances, without a verifiable clinician’s prescription, you will be subject to eviction immediately for the safety of yourself and the other residents of the community.

House members live as a family system, that is, a group of individuals living and working toward a common goal: continued sobriety. You are responsible for maintaining a structure of the defined rules,
requirements, and practices necessary to ensure a clean and sober environment.
We expect residents to attend school, work or do a combination of these things, which consists of a full day’s activities. God and Recovery is the #1 priority above all else. It is mandatory to attend step study,
C.R., and Church on Sunday. We recommend that you attend other recovery meetings as well, such as A.A., N.A. or 12 STEP, religious meetings or clinical group therapy when possible. It is mandatory to have a sponsor. Working on your recovery is our primary purpose.

Additional Information:

Basic Information

Entry Fee: For all the houses it is $150.00. This entry fee is non-refundable and will pay for the drug testing upon entrance, rent, and one meal per day until the next Friday.

Weekly Fee: Fee of $150.00 includes 1 meal a day (each client takes turn cooking) all drug tests, and rent for housing.  Please make all checks payable to Awaken514.

Residents will be informed of payments from a 3rd party payer or any other fees paid on their behalf.

Any funds paid in advance are non-refundable.

Transportation:  Each home normally has transportation, but it is your responsibility to schedule appointments in advance and pay $20.00 per week for gas, if you choose our transportation. Our transportation is a privilege not a right.

Sober Living Home Operator Information:

Phone: (318) 738-0593


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Awaken 514 Recovery Sober Home- West Monroe, Louisiana